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Rental deposit fails to cover damage

My problem tenant has gone, and finally I have possession of my rental property.

Though I had taken a rental deposit, it won’t be enough to cover me against all the damage – that goes well beyond fair wear and tear on a rental property.

Unfortunately, my one months deposit, will fall short of paying for what needs to be done to put the place right.

I would normally advise landlords to take at least a month and half, better still, 2 months, but the letting agent only took a single months rent as deposit. This £450 isn’t going to stretch very far in putting the place in order – check out the picture of the abandoned property.

To date, I’ve already shelled out £110 for a skip and £50 for the rubbish removal, and yet to come is the cost of an oven clean, a full house clean, then the “biggest expense – the laying of new carpets.

Reclaiming the tenant deposit

With the tenant having abandoned the rental property, it’s unlikely that she will put much of a defence to my claim that I’ve already started with the Deposit Protection Scheme, under the single claim process.

I’ve already had my Statutory Declaration signed by a local solicitor ( that cost me another fiver).

It could have been a lot worse I suppose, and when I first arrived at the property my first thoughts were……..relief! My girlfriend was horrified, but having been a landlord for many years I’ve seen and heard of a lot worse. The boiler was still there, the kitchen remains in tact and even the internal paint work remains in reasonable condition.

I remain positive. I’ve been in this game a long time, these minor setbacks are all part and parcel of been a landlord. A little cosmetic work and the rental property will be back on the market.

Fortunately, and despite the protestations of the letting agent I insisted on a tenant guarantor which should limit my exposure to unpaid rent. I have recently issued my claim through the government’s Money Claim Service (MCOL) and I’m confident of winning it.

Being a landlord you need to be able to take the rough with the smooth, and bounce back from these minor set backs.

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