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Should I use a solicitor?

Solicitors are costly. I’m all for landlords using their initiative and avoiding paying unecessary professional fees. I’ve spoken at length about avoiding using letting agents and their exorbitant fees. However, sometimes it’s worth paying somebody to unload the administrative hassle, particularly when it come to legal matters. As we all know when it comes to the law…the devil is in the detail!

Getting my rental property back

I’m currently in the early stages of getting possession of one of my rental properties. The complication is that I have a tenant guarantor for the property. This is good. I’m pretty sure the tenant’s guarantor has a reasonable full time job, which means ultimately I will end up with an attachment of earning order for the unpaid rent and all the other expenses including the legal costs of getting my property and rent back.

I’ve already issued a section 21 notice which has got a hell a lot easier since this recent court case.

The next stage will be to serve the N5B requiring possession.

I have filled N5B’s in before and it’s not too difficult. However, with the tenant guarantor lying behind the tenancy then when the case goes to court and I hopefully obtain a court order for possession then all the legal fees are reclaimable. In this case, I’m pretty certain the tenant guarantor will be liable as the tenant won’t have sufficient funds to pay. I’m therefore thinking that why bother spending my very limited and valuable time on filling out these court forms and papers when I can leave it in the hands of a professional.

My experience of gaining possession of a rental property

I know from experience that getting back possession is not a quick process. Have a look at this timetable for the section 21 process and possession.

I’m guessing it’s going to be a month and a half after the expiry of the Section 21 Notice period at the end of April. The whole process may not be quick but at least by putting it in somebody else’s expert hands my thoughts is, it’s one less thing to worry about.

Agree or would you do your own legal work? Post your comments below.

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