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Student Landlord FACTFILE

Thinking about buying an investment property to let to students or just letting to students for the first time?

NO FRILLS student buy-to-let insurance

Property Hawk has compiled its’ own FACTFILE about letting to students. In this we collect together all the information that a landlord should need. If you do have comments and thoughts you want to share feel free to post these to us and we will include them too.

Student rental levels

The market for student housing is set to expend and rents are rising.
Want to find out what rents are being charged across the country to student tenants have a look here.

Find out what type of property you should be buying

What is the ideal size for a student buy-to-let property? We advice student landlords on the type of property that is ideal for a student let.

What are my likely returns of investing in a student buy-to-let?

How do student lets compare to renting to professional tenants. We look at the likely returns a landlord can expect.

Download FREE specialist research on the student rental market

Need specialist buy-to-let finance to purchase your student let?

Student letting are often classed as an HMO and therefore landlords may require specialist mortgage finance to purchase these investments. Property Hawk looks at what types of finance a landlord needs.

What type of insurance does a landlord need to let to students?

Alan Boswell specialist landlord insurers look at the type of insurance that landlords need when insuring their student let.

Letting to students

Here are some practical tips from a couple of specialist student landlords on what to do to manage a student letting business.

Tips on managing your own student lets

Advantages of managing your own student buy-to-let

Advertise your student rental to thousands of students

Find out how to advertise your rental property to thousands of students across the UK?

Case studies

Want to find out what decisions and strategies several real life landlords have employed in letting to students. Have a look here to see how it worked for these student landlords.

Alternatives to direct property ownership

If you are as an investor persuaded by the merits of investing in this type of property then it is still possible to invest without the constraints of direct property ownership. For instance the largest private provider of student accommodation Unite plc provides accommodation for 38,000 students currently and this is growing all the time. They are quoted on the stock market and are a FTSE 250 stock and are trading near their year low.

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