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Supervised accounts

Property Hawks Property Manager software is mainly designed for individual buy to let landlords to manage their own property portfolio. However, we do appreciate that some landlords using Property Manager may have property under shared or joint ownership. We also have a number of landlords coming to us because they would like their accountant or professional adviser being able to see their data and use it to submit things like their Self Assessment tax returns. The facility also might be useful for small scale letting agents who are managing a small portfolio of properties for landlords. Because of this our latest edition of the Property Manager called PM3.0s has a Supervised Account facility.

Supervised accounts

The ‘Supervisory Account’ function allows multiple accounts to be created by a single user and then linked under a single login, or existing accounts can be signed over to another user to supervise.

For those users who wish to manage multiple property portfolios using the Property Manager 3.0s here’s a brief explanation on how to use it.

Setting up a ‘Supervised Account’:

• Sign in to the Property Manager 3.0s account you wish to be supervised.
• Click the Settings tab in the left hand menu.
• Then select Supervised accounts option in the menu
• In the Supervised account screen input the email of the account you wish to be supervised by. (NOTE If that email address holds multiple accounts the password will need to also be added. )

To check that the account is now been supervised

• Sign in to the Property Manager 3.0s account that is been used as the Supervisory Account.
• Click the Supervised tab in the left hand menu.
• A list of accounts will be listed under the heading ‘Accounts Supervised by this Account’.
• To open an account click on the open folder icon of the chosen account.

Transferring properties between accounts

If a user needs to move a rental property between Property Manager 3.0s accounts they can.

• Go to the account you wish to transfer a property from.
• Click the ‘Supervised’ tab in the left hand menu.
• Select the address that you want to transfer.
• Select the account you want to transfer to.
• Click on the Transfer button.

Shazzam! As if by magic the property should move from one account to another along with all the associated data such as Tenancy Agreements and rental data.

Your feedback matters

As always we are looking to improve are Property Manager software. Let us know whether this part of the software works for you. Is there anything we are missing to make it work more effectively.

Please post your comments below or email us

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