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Ten Free Letting Sites

Landlords in these increasingly difficult times are constantly looking at ways of cutting their costs. One way landlords can do this is by advertising their buy-to-let property for free on one of the many internet letting sites. We list some of the most widely used FREE letting sites:

The cream of the crop when it comes to free letting sites is definitely Gumtree. This site has exploded well beyond it’s original London base and is now a must do for landlords.

Free letting websites – a reality check

The property marketing world is still dominated by a couple of the major websites -Rightmove & Zoopla. These property porals are where many tenants start their search for rental accommodation. It’s a good idea for a landlord to get on these website. Rightmove is only available to letting agents. To get on it a letting agent or a web marketing site has to pay a pretty hefty fee. Therefore in order for a landlord to be featured on this site they will need to go through a letting agent or one of the increasing number of specialist online letting agents who will look to recover these costs by charging some form of a fee to the landlord.

Paying for results on free letting sites

Landlords should be aware that using a free letting site could be a false economy. In property marketing it is all about a landlord getting their property viewed by as many suitable tenants as possible. Landlords are best trialling Free letting sites alongside paid sites with a proven track record. Rental voids on un-let properties will quickly eat up any cost savings. If a landlord does find a particular Free site that succeeds in letting their properties, they can then cut back on paid advertising.

Landlords getting on Rightmove

It’s now possible for landlords to get on Rightmove without using a letting agent. There are loads of websites such as Letting A Property that will get a landlord’s advert onto Rightmove for around £100. They will also place the advert on a number of other high profile letting sites such as Rightmove, and fish4homes. Google the term ‘online letting’. It’s worth shopping around, these sites vary in price and service, so do your research.

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