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Watch out theres a thief about!

This is just a warning to all those landlords out there that don’t back up their information. One of the Property Hawks’ offices is in a nice part of town; not the type of area you would immediately worry about a ‘break in’. Despite this last week the unthinkable happened and some light fingered individual broke into the office and made off with several laptops, one of which I had my rental business information on. Needless to say this information had not been backed up recently and these important records have now been lost for ever. I have off course being saving my more recent records onto my Property Hawk account since the site became operational just over a month ago.

Since the theft I have bought myself a replacement laptop and the whole experience has just re-affirmed my faith in the use of internet application such as Property Hawk. With my new laptop and an internet connection I was immediately free to login in and resume normal service – all the data was there safe & sound and ready to be used as if nothing had happened. This is not the first time my data has been lost, I’ve had several hard drives go as well.

My message to all those landlords out there is watch out. Make sure you back up, if not daily at least after every significant input of data. Alternatively by all means sign up for Property Hawk today and you can then by Free like an increasing number of landlords to manage their properties on-line. This means that you will avoid one of the scourges of modern living – data loss.


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