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Can Landlords Stop Tenants Smoking in a Rental Property?

Should a landlord let their tenants smoke?

Landlords are acutely aware of the bad smells and damage caused to an interior by a regular smoking habit. But on the other side there are still a lot of smokers out there, and a tolerant attitude to smoking will open a landlord up to the maximum number of prospective tenants.

How many smoking tenants are there?

A recent survey revealed that only 7% of landlords agree to let tenants smoke in their rental properties and yet over 1 in 5 of the population still smoke. So are landlords missing an opportunity? Well, before making any rash decisions landlords of Houses in Multiple Occupation might consider this same research found that smoking tenants are not particularly popular with their flatmates –

  • just 19% of fellow tenants said they would be happy to share with smokers,
  • 37% of flatmates would share accommodation with smoker if they will smoke outdoor only
  • 44% of flatmates generally would not want to share with a smoker.

So it appears that smoking tenants are disliked by the majority of landlords and their fellow tenants.

Another recent survey, this one by Easyroomate found that 38% of private landlords would actually evict tenants who they caught smoking inside their rental property.

Do landlords have a choice if a tenant smokes?

In these days of the Human Rights Act, do landlords have any right to prevent their tenants from smoking in their rental property. Well the short answer is – yes.

It is perfectly possible to add a short clause to prevent tenants from smoking in their property. Our legal partners Fidler and Pepper suggest something along the lines of:

3.7.13 Not to smoke or permit any guest or visitor to smoke tobacco or any other substance in the property, unless the landlord has given written consent

Enforceability of a smoking ban in a rental property

However, the enforceability of this clause is another issue. If the landlord is convinced that a tenant was smoking without their permission; they would first have to gather evidence to this effect. Just to say the room smelt a ‘bit smoky’ probably is not going to cut it in a court of law! To evict a tenant on these grounds a landlord would have to seek possession using one of the fault based grounds for possession such as Ground 12 : The tenant has broken one or more of the terms of the tenancy agreement, except the obligation to pay rent. However, this is one of the grounds for possession where the court has discretion as to whether they grant a possession order to a landlord.

This means that no case is likely to be the same but more to the point, there is little likelihood that a ‘liberal minded’ judge is going to throw a tenant out on the street, for just having, what might be perceived as the ‘odd fag’ in their own home. So therefore, not much chance of a a landlord getting possession. The chances of victory for a landlord where a tenant continues to pay rent are therefore slim. So is there anything else that a landlord can do?

Other approaches to stop a tenant smoking

One way to deal with any damage caused by a smoking tenant is to require a premium rent. It doesn’t need to be much, maybe 5%, just enough to cover the costs of a redecoration. As I said previously, 1 in 5 people still smoke, so being tolerant may give a landlord an opportunity in the market, if you don’t mind redecorating on a regular basis.

The other approach, could be to insist on a higher deposit from a smoker, in the hope that where damage is caused then a landlord would be successful in withholding an amount of the tenants deposit to cover the damage caused by smoking in their rental property. I’m sceptical about how successful a landlord would be in convincing a TDS arbitrator that the damage (which lets face it, often smells worst than it looks) would be even where you have gone to the trouble of carefully preparing a property inventory.

The long and short of smoking tenants is that whilst the law appears to be on the landlords’ side. Enforceability, is a far more complicated, and uncertain process. Unless, landlords out there have a trick up their sleeve, the best option of all seems to try and ensure that you select an honest non-smoking tenant in the first place.

Non smoking in communal areas

Landlords who have properties which have common parts, are affected by the National Smoke Free Legislation.  Landlords are required in these properties to have the correct notices and signs displayed so that all of the tenants are made aware of their responsibilities.  The templates for the signs can be downloaded from the Smoke Free England website.

This legislation which came into force on the 1st July 2007 means that smoking is not permissible in areas of shared accommodation which can include kitchens, bathrooms, staircases, entrances and toilets. These are the areas that are open to all residents and cleaners if under contract to carry out duties within the property. All Landlords of HMO‘s, shared houses are included, must display the correct notices and signs in compliance with the No Smoking regulations.

Tenancy agreement non-smoking clause

In light of this should we add an optional clause to our free tenancy agreement or have a none smoking clause in the agreement as standard. Please post your views below or answer the poll on the landlord forum or join the discussion on our Property Hawk Facebook Page.


As a Tenant of an Unfurnished House, I should have the right to do inside that property as I see Fit, and, within the Law. Smoking in one’s own house is permitted. Under the law, a tenant of an unfurnished property has property rights, close to ownership. It would set a very dangerous precedent if a landlord would be in a position to enforce life stile such as a smoking ban inside the demised property.

My Smoking cannot have any effect to in respect to any of the furniture, all of which I own. (it is not furnished after all)
The Most of damage that can occur is to the surfaces of the decoration, e.g. Floor Ceiling, Walls and Windows!

A Lick of paint, and a Wash of the Windows, would do that! The carpets are mine anyways

Wrong. Smoke damages furnishings carpets curtains etc. Why should the landlord put up with your foul disgusting habit? Let’s face it, rooms stink, and smokers stink. Get a property of lesser quality where smoking is allowed, or better still save us all from the stench and quit.

You might think you have the “right” to smoke but why should anyone in the surrounding suffer the passive smoke that has clear and strong link to cancer? It is really beyond me why the law does not protect the health of the majority of population who does not smoke. It would save the NHS so much money. At the very least, landlords should have the right to evict tenants based on this. It is a clear breach to the lease if you claim to be a non-smoker but then smoke inside the property (balcony IS part of the property btw) or allow any of your guest to do so. Smoking definitely does stain paint work, let alone carpets, curtains, or furnishing. Buy your own property and smoke all you like inside it – that is your right. It still would not change the fact of how selfish you are – your disgusting habit will still affect your neighbours and the people you live with.

Here here..I have Brittle Asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes and diabetes Insipidus cranial..
I have someone upstairs that’s moved in, he smokes heavily, hes been told..
Last 4 days my chest has been bad, now my doctors want me to do a covid test tomorrow..
I have rights, I want selfish people stop throwing human rights around, what about the rights of the disabled..I’m in rented..Before he moved in, there had been 3 lots of different people all druggies..
All the landlords want money and don’t give a shit..

So you think another person’s civil liberties should be taken away just because you dislike them doing something totally legal within their own home. How selfish and unhuman of you.

What if they refuse to rent to fat people? They are making a lifestyle choice too.

What kind of Dr. addresses people in the manner that this doctor has? Filthy and disgusting is how I define your answer to an honest question

This is not correct. Nicotine will be in the very fabric of the building, ie walls, doors etc. A lick of paint just won’t cut it, in my opinion. At the very least the walls will have to be treated with sugar soap before painting which is time intensive or, if heavily stained, treated with a substance/chemical that makes the nicotine slide off the walls – and then professionally disposed of. You say the house is yours …you rent it, you don’t own the freehold of the building ..and you should respect the landlord’s wishes.

We have a tenant who has not paid rent for many months , who smokes within the flat and is also an alcoholic . We are a 20 flat development and most other flat dwellers are very worried about the fire risk.
In these Covid 19 times what can be done to get rid of him ?

Can anyone clarify this for me please, are landlords able to ban a tennant from smoking in the back garden? Tia

This is an excellent idea. As a non-smoker suffering severe problems from secondary cancer causing smoking fumes from vile individuals directly beneath entering my residency, this is something I have suggested to my Landlord. Who appears to have immediately hamstrung by the difficulty of evicting the reprobate tenants whose tenancy was secured through an agency.

The offending tenants already being violent, shouting racist abuse at another fellow tenant and occasioning the police and fire brigade to visit the property.

As for for the previous commentator, a typical smoker who would would be arguing the toss over the ban on smoking in the work place. Before he mentions cooking smells, they are not cancer causing. Also, how can you not spell when there is spellcheck in this comment box.

Thank you.

As a Landlord myself, I have found the most expensive ‘repairs’ when a tenant moves out is if they have smoked. The nicotine smell penetrates the fabric of the building and no matter how much you wash woodwork, walls, cabinet doors etc, it still seeps through. The smell will always gradually come back through the cleaning products. The best way to illuminate the smell properly is to sand down woodwork and walls, then prime and repaint. It’s costly to the tenant, but most accept it. We have cigarette ashtray type bins out side the front door of the building. It’s difficult to rent a flat beside one where the tenant smokes. Not many people find the smell agreeable.

Hi Nashie, have you tried witholding some of the rental deposit to cover the cleaning cost? It would be interesting what view the administers of the Deposit Protection Schemes (DPS) take. Chris

Spot on! When you rent, effectively it’s your home and you should be free to use it as you wish whilst upholding behaving in a legal manner. My partner rents privately and redecorates every 6 months. The furniture is his so should be of no concern to the landlord or letting agent. Letting agents are meticulous at upholding their leases as that’s what they are paid to do. However, a bi annual letter from them threatening eviction after a property check is extremely stressful for him. Councils don’t have non smoking clauses (apart from in communal spaces) and neither should the private sector be allowed to. Smokers have to live somewhere too!

Wrong! you rent out your house its not your home, its the home of the person you are receiving money from. They have a right to smoke. I am a non smoker and how other non smokers treat smokers is disgusting.

Because second hand smoke causes cancer. No one wants to put up with the risk of dying over some bad habit. Not to mention some people are allergic to tobacco.

If your allergic to tobacco you better just hide in your home for the rest of your life. All you morons who believe that second hand smoke causes cancer are just the people big pharma and the insurance companies were hoping for! They were even saying second hand smoke was worse than smoking,until they realized how ridiculous they sounded!

I sit there struggling to catch breath due to cigarette smoke from my neighbiur. It isnt the smell. It’s the fact I cannot damn well breathe. I have had to go out of my house and am sat on a stair somewhere at 10pm ar night trying to clear my lungs which can take several hours.

Smoke outside LOL

Smoking inside ruins the property. If you want to pay for the entire house to be stripped out you can but other than that, stop being ridiculous.

We are interviewing propective tenants for single rooms in our BTL and two have complained of tobacco smell on the top floor. We are therefore at risk of losing income.
We also have a no-smoking cleause in the tenancy agreement, and therefore the smoker is in breach of the Agreement. On those 2 grounds at least, do we have the right to evist and/or claim damages?

I am a house owner, with my next door neighbour living in a private rental. Both the occupants are heavy smokers. As a family of five, we cannot enjoy our garden or hang washing out due to the constant smell of cigarettes. Can I contact the land lord and complain of an I wasting my time?

It is amazing how smokers feel they should have all the rights in the world, yet when someone who is a non smoker says they have a problem with smoke they say suck it up and live with it, their right to choose.

@Gillian Smith. It is not “your home” . You are paying a fraction of the value of the house/flat for the right to live there. You do not pay repairs or maintenance, and if something breaks I bet you don’t fix it you instead complain, and I bet that is when you say to the landlord “this isn’t my house”. Does he redecorate because the white paint starts going yellow, or the place smells? Or is it just furniture he replaces? If they have a clause in the agreement he signed, I assume he read what he signed, then he is breaking a contract he agreed to.

Re council flats, they are looking at changing that and introducing non smoking laws as it is effectively, and can be argued, that as owned by the council that it is actually a government building and therefor falls under the present non-smoking laws. They don’t have the clause because they would have almost empty properties. Private let houses for council housing actually do have non smoking clauses as do nearly all rental property agreements, Short Term Tenancy Agreements.

Cigarette smoke gets everywhere, it seeps through floorboards and ceilings and into wood, carpet, furniture and wallpaper. To the idiots that say it is their stuff and doesn’t matter, news flash for you, your Ikea chipboard furniture is worthless compared to the asset value of the house/flat you are in. So yes that is yours to ruin but the house/flat isn’t.

Smokers would have an easier time of it by just saying I have no will power, no self worth and am an addict. Instead they act like it is their choice and they are cool. If you didn’t smoke, how much money could you have saved and maybe had enough for a deposit, or a nicer place.

Smoking has been shown to cause cancer and other health conditions and it always pains me to see someone smoking and pushing a kid in a pram. Another smoker inflicting it onto someone who isn’t given a choice.

Only found this because I have had some tenants move into a non smoking flat downstairs and within 3-4 days my kitchen stinks of smoke and the flat is starting to smell. So was looking for what I can do to expedite their departure or get money back for my moving costs as the landlord has now breached the non smoking clause of their own agreement, Fun times ahead.

Here here. Smokers are drug addicts. They should be downright more respectful of things that don’t belong to them, and go for a walk and have a fag then. Better still do us all a favour and quit. This includes doing themselves a favour. I am a landlord and it stinks. The house stinks and they stink. The don’t actually have any right to smoke where they want and if they breech the agreement, they should be turned out on the street forthwith. Disgusting stinking habit.

Don’t talk rubbish your going on like you have a vendetta on people that smoke, supposed to be on how to deal with non smoking and smokers problems not for you to slate every smoker that puts a post.

Very easy: you smoke, it’s your choice. Do not impose your smoke on others. Plain and simple.
The moment someone’s smoke is aggravating or affecting someone else is a problem and should be outlawed.

Back in the day , they had not discovered the devastating effect of second hand smoke and the many diseases that are directly attributed to smoking. There are over 300 chemicals in one cigarette most of them industrial use chemicals eg. benzoin. All individually harmful. Would you not agree knowledge about medical science has moved on since the day when cigarettes were discovered and should we not benefit from a clean environment. Coal and other products that pollute and damage our environment are being outlawed. Are our bodies and other peoples’ any less important

Youre being very disresptful to smokers how would you like it if i called you a f…g prick whose self worth is more yhen another persons life, smoking is a choice and a lot of people do what they should give it up for non smokers how sbout you give them some lea way.uf its not illegal their is not much you can do.saying that tenants are going against thevtenancy agreement is not an evictable offense especially if the smoker wins the court case.what would you do then start cussing them.guess what thats discrimination thats illegal

@Darren Mitchell, he wasn’t calling him a fag. He was referring to smoking a cigarette. I’m American- that word is completely offensive here and even I knew what he meant. I do think it’s harsh to say they should be kicked out on the street, but hey can buy their own property or move somewhere cheaper that allows smoking. As a landlord I can say it’s really difficult dealing with these smokers, and the second hand smoke affecting their neighbors and myself in my own damn office. Landed on this website trying to find resources regarding changing the lease policy to reflect a non-smoking rule across the whole property and not just indoors as it is now. I’ve lost tenants because of people smoking on their balconies and the smoke, weed including, drifting into the apartments through A/C vents and windows.

As a rental tenant for 6 years I have lived in many houses that has the no smoking clause in the tenancy agreement, but I still chose to smoke inside the properties. At the end of the day the law only states it is illegal to smoke within a public place, all of my previous landlords have never mentioned they smelt smoke in the property. I think the none smokers are just being fussy, as back in the day when smoking was allowed everywhere I never heard people complaining like they do now. To be honest that law should be reversed as there would be more trade out there is smoking was allowed anywhere.

You are joking, fussy?!!! I am asthmatic which is a result of living as a kid in a smoking home and smoke can trigger a severe reaction! It also stinks, people smoke in public areas and it’s just filthy. We cannot be held ransom by just a few who think they can do what they please.

You are ignorant. Whilst it is not illegal to smoke inside your dwelling, if your landlord states ‘smoking is prohibited’ in your contract, you will be in breach of said contract, therefore giving the landlord grounds to take action. No, it is not illegal, it is a breach of your contract.

Actually non-smokers arent being fussy. My asthma has become severe since my neighbour smoked. I take my inhaler 20 times a day, get about 4 hours sleep a night and generally cant breath or focus on stuff and cry a lot and am depressed. Your filthy habit effects others and you’re very selfish

Smokers are delusional, no one wants their building stinking of someone else’s addiction. I would suggest that smokers, problematic alcohol abusers and junkies should be refused rental properties from the private and public sector. If they can’t find the money to buy a home, due to spending it all on multiple addictions, then they should live in a tent or a shed somewhere as far from others as possible.

Wow just wow! You need to learn some common sense, and maybe a bit of respect before posting such ridiculos negative comments! There’s more to getting on the property ladder and the barriers to doing so than just affordability I can tell you.

I live in a flat and I have a neighbour above and all his smoke comes into my flat to a point when I once entered my bedroom and I could not sleep at 10PM as it was full of cigarette smoke. It is utterly disrespectful of such neighbours. In my lease agreement is says my premises are for “enjoyment of living”. Where is my enjoyment where I have to close my patio door on sunny hot days because of those who are just disrespectful? The corridors are full of warnings that smoking is not permitted, but I spoke to the company who manages the building and they said they can’t stop people smoking inside their flats. All fine and well, but could I go to court and ask the landlord for not letting me “enjoy my living”? I am literally feeling like I am imprisoned!

I am just looking to find out what can be done about the smoker in the flat below mine, when she moved in just under a year ago she was told it was non smoking , but could smoke outside front door .
She did this for a few weeks, then started smoking indoors, now I have no problem with anyone smoking as I know it’s hard to give up but she is as I said a chainsmokers & when her friends who used to stand on doorstep smoking with her now smoke indoors with her too, the building is old & converted so every time they smoke I smoke too, last evening my throat was sore , my eyes sore & I couldnt sleep due to the taste , yes taste & smell if smoke in my home, the landlord has told her 3 times now, she stops smoking indoors for a while then goes back to doing it indoors .
I even text my neighbour when it starts to get bad bit I shouldn’t have to do this, my life is becoming a misery for me now, my home is beautiful , expensive carpets & furniture & good quality clothes all are beginning to smell, I have lived here nearly 4 years & dont want to leave as it’s a beautiful home & neighbourhood .
So does anyone have any ideas what I can do to stop this please ?

Hi Diane, I am sorry that this is happening to you, it is sad that your health and your home that you once enjoy are being ruined by your selfish neighbours who clearly show no consideration to others. Not sure if you have tried contacting the council?
From what you described, it sounds like the nuisance is quite substantial (see under “how smoke complaints are assessed”), and I think there is a good chance that the council might be able to take action, in the form of notice and fines. If even that does not solve the issue then, sadly there might not be much left to do except to move out. Of course this is unfair and outrageous but unfortunately, some smokers are delusional and think that their rights to smoke exceeds all others’ right to simply live their life and not be exposed to (scientifically proven and long established) cancer risk due to passive cigarette smoke.

I have the same problem lady in ground floor flat smokes and it gets into my bedroom, have contacted my landlord no luck! Next step is environmental health who can investigate and they can serve abatement notice either to the tenants or landlord , I don’t want second hand smoke!!

As a smoker myself I completely agree with the non smoking inside of the building and so forth however I have a question. If there is no no-smoking signs on a communal roofing area which has only one tenant on that floor( but is not on that side of the roof so wouldn’t be affected by secondhand smoke), it is an open area so no ceiling or fences which would stop smoke from escaping, would it be allowed?

I’m a smoker and I privately rent. There is nothing in our tenancy that States I’m not allowed to smoke in the property…. however I have 2 young children and have never smoked around them since they were born so I make the choice not to smoke inside the property. All these negative comments most probably from home ownership regarding it “not being our home” really upset me as I can tell you, it’s the most upsetting disheartening thing about private renting knowing that you never have the security and risk being evicted for no reason at any point. It’s hard enough making it a home when you have ignorant people constantly reminding you “it’s not really yours” yes we may not own it but it’s our home none the less but we still need mental positivity of a secure space we can call our own that we can close the doors to the world when we want to. As for the comment about people not affording to buy a home as they smoke what an absolutely disgraceful, disrespectful insult. Buying a home isn’t just about affordability and there are a whole world of other factors that can prevent people getting onto the property ladder that smoking makes no difference too! So I would suggest you leave your arrogant opinion on that one out of housing forums as it’s quite insulting and a ridiculous statement. As s conclusion. If there is no cause in your tenancy that forbids smoking then legally you can do so and the landlord doesn’t really have any grounds to stop you. Whether you choose to exercise that right or not depends on your own circumstances and opinions on the subject but as the OP was questioning legality and not morals then the short answer is as above. It’s only forbid if there is specific terms in your tenancy stating you’re not allowed.

What about new tennants? They have been in the flat a month, the young lady is 6 months pregnant, pleasant enough, but her boyfriend smokes dope like it is going out of fashion. I own my flat, have been here 18 years, I live on the ground floor and they are on the second floor. Every night now, there is the heavy stench of dope. I find it really upsetting. The 3 other residents my side are in their seventies. It is really horrible to come home to

Very interesting info, thanks to all who have contributed.My wife and I live in the top floor of a two story converted Town House. We have separated entrance to the other tenants but all that separates us from them is floor boards. As it is an old building there are fire places in a number of the rooms , they are boarded but I believe they are shared from the ground floor rooms as well. Unfortunately for us , the tenants below smoke and not just Tobacco. During winter months they tend to smoke indoors or lean out of the window. Our rooms stink of smoke and we are regularly effect by the illegal substances that they smoke. They will often stand just outside their door but given that we have a window directly above ,it is not good. The windows are old sash type and do not keep the smoke out. We have asked them to be more considerate but they lapse back into there old ways. We do not have any other issues with them so do not want to fall out with them. Our T/C state that smoking is not allowed which I believe is the same for them, is there any legislation in UK to say how far from the building they should be when smoking outside as we are both being affected by their smoking. (especially the “funny stuff” )

I live in a 9 flat building where the NON smokers are out numbered 2 to 1 even though there is a clear no smoking clause in the tenancy agreement. The landlord is the laziest person I have ever met in enforcing the rules so there is no point in even informing him as to the smokers in the building. The local council’s environmental health department stated they cannot take action against cigarette smoke coming from within a private or rented home.

What hope do I have… NONE. 🤨

I am a tenant and asthmatic and recently move in to a new room. My landlord smoke in the living hall. And that really troubles me and increases one more dose of inhaler for me recently. They never stated tat they will smoke in the living area during my viewing and there is nothing about smoking in the agreement. What should i do?

I have lived in my flat 10 years, new tenants moved in in Feb below me and they in they smoke in the flat. The smoke comes into my flat and makes it stink. They have been asked not to smoke by their landlord and smoke outside. It’s affecting the my asthma not to mention the stench of smoke in my flat. They just ignore and carry on as they have been doing since they moved in and there seems to be nothing me or my landlady can do about it, how is this right?.

God damned anti-smokers are so prejudiced! You act like it’s a crime worse than rape or child molestation. Why don’t you spend your time on protecting women who are being forced into sex-trafficking! You don’t actually care about human life and you know it!

If you knew how smoling effects our breathing, sleep and how bad it smells you would understand. I get 4 hrs sleep a night and take my intake 20x a day mostly to no avail. Smokers are hideous creatures who lack common consideration. Awful people who smoke around their own kids without regard.

I have a neighbour next door, who lives in a HMO house, he repeatedly smokes Cannabis, which comes into my bedroom, I am a non smoker, home owner, I have complained many times to the landlord, who does absolutely nothing, I feel trapped in my own home, I have lived here for 20 years, and with this lockdown on, just makes my life even more miserable, really wished I could do something about this😢😢

Most neighbours live next door. You feel trapped in your own home because of lockdown, you’re focusing on minor things more. Also I know who you are, your neighbour. Pufffff

Could someone give me some advice on this. The jist is. The property has 6 flats, 2 on each floor.
I won my flat, one of the bottom ones. Two flats above me are occupied by smokers who decide to smoke out of the window and throw their cigarettes onto the ground. I’m unable to open the windows as ash comes in. The windowsills have burn marks all over them as sometimes the cigarettes land on them.
Management company sent a letter but both tenants ignored this.
Currently going through ASB but should I also be speaking to the leaseholders of the flats. Both tenants have been long term renters.

Is it possible to know if there’s any legislation in England’, to protect tenants of their landlord in cohabitation of the house, is smoking at unreasonable times at night. This is causing me losing my sleep, and even after repeated requests is not not stopping.

Can someone please tell me what’s the best course of action? This is absolutely criminal to make someone else suffer from your smoking habit.

Please advice, I’m based in Brent.

Hi everyone.My name is Nora.I must say I’ve reached my limit with smoking people and marijuana.I moved every year after my contract expire because I have a child and I can’t have this.Landlord does nothing ,not to pay the rent -not an option,tell landlord not interested,call police they came they called the landlord warning him that is marijuana from his tenant and no reaction.what else to do ? Council -useless they are not interested.non sense /noise-they came but they could not smell I had to call them 5 times they came after 5 hours….useless .please of a legal advise or someone that knows where to go and that to do can text me.I don’t know what else to do .many thanks.

What about the people who live next door and have to live with the smell of smoke through the walls, over their washing hanging out to dry, through the bathroom window ?

What should a neighbour do about that if the landlord smokes too?

What if they refuse to rent to fat people? They are making a lifestyle choice too.

What kind of Dr. addresses people in the manner that this doctor has? Filthy and disgusting is how I define your answer to an honest question

Jesus why do people treat smokers like leppers. Honestly get over it, if it’s not hurting anyone else, let it be. Why is the deposit there? And I bet most landlords wouldn’t even notice after a clean and pick of paint. I know this for fact.

Get off your healthy high horses and accept people are different and variety is the spice of life. Smokers are not second class citizens.

As we approach more state decisions to legalize marijuana for recreational use, major consideration must be given to secondhand exposures from various chemically treated strains.

Will certain all natural strains gain approval over chemically treated, poisonous to health strains?

What about evidence from secondhand marijuana use turning up in employment “New Hire” drug screenings?

Will there be various tolerances allowed, given the types of employment pursued?

If you live in an apartment with antiquated ventilation and poorly constructed walls, poorly enforced non-smoking policy, will an employer consider you, over say one who lives in a private home, testing positive?

Apartment tenants must be protected from marijuana secondhand smoke, beyond a standard non-smoking clause in the lease.
Non participating tenant exposure to marijuana through walls or ventilation, is a public health issue.

Violation of tenants non- smoking and controlled substance lease rights, should include immediate termination of the lease, and financial penalties to include relocation costs, imposed on a landlord.

I am on Trandplant list for a bilateral double lung transplant & just moved into flat on 2nd floor building & I am on oxygen – the corridors stink off smoke style cigarettes . Like me walking through fire as my wind pipe swells up tight like strangulation ! I mentioned to landlady & she said nothing to do with her that she’s only been landlady 3months . I had Heath safety assessment for oxygen to be stored in the flat & I cannot believe health safety people smoking either side off me surrounding the building told more smoker than none dmokers . Yet knowing on lung transplant & oxygen allow corridors to be polluted with style cigarette smoking . This causes triggers my breathing off & believe my health condition council should move me / remain here killing me off Thsnkyiu any information who do I need to complain to . I am now with housing association extra care suppor living . As far I concerned . Thsnkyiu kind regards BERNADETTE

God! Y’all are terrible from both sides.

If someone is complaining about the smoke be kind and don’t smoke anymore in that area especially if that person is sick or has health problems. Buy a high quality filter or smoke outside if the area is safe enough. And please throwaway your filters!

If some one smokes lets not turn that person into some demon or drug addict that needs help for smoking crack.
Beer liquor and wine is also bad as is gambling and eating ice cream all day. Let the person know – “your making me sick please smoke somewhere else so I can can get some rest! ”

There are solutions out there for everyone:

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