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Do Your Sums

It’s important

You would think somebody mad if they stuck their savings into a building society account without finding out what interest rate they were earning was first. Most investors, even novice investors will do some basic investigation into the rates even if they are only investing a couple of hundred pounds. This basic financial appraisal of the rates and an evaluation of whether they are attractive compared to alternatives is just basic common sense.

Follow the professionals
Strangely, this kind of financial discipline seems to desert investors when it comes to buying an investment property even when the sums involved are often thousands of times larger.

Many buy-to-let investors in their enthusiasm to climb a board the ‘investment boat’ completely miss out on this important stage. Instead, they launch into buying a particular property because they think it will be: easy to let, perceive it as a bargain or they have been offered a discount by the developer on the initial purchase price.

This approach is unwise because; whilst the other aspects of their investment are inevitably important any successful investor will tell you that doing the sums is the most important aspect of the investment process. Chris Horne a successful investor for over 15 years advises: “I have never bought a property without doing a full investment appraisal. When I started there were no investment calculators on the market so I developed my own using my expertise as a Surveyor.

This financial calculator calculates the returns you can expect from the money you put in and uses both your anticipated rental and capital gains. I use it every time I look to invest in a property”

FREE Investor Appraiser

Luckily for the users of Property Hawk this calculator which simplifies the whole complicated financial appraisal is available on the site. The Investor Appraiser allows any investor to calculate their returns on the capital they have invested by just adding in a few figures relating to their prospective buy-to-let purchase.

Once you have carried out your calculation, registered users of the site are FREE to save it for future reference or try alternative figures to see what effects these have on their projected returns. You are even able to see at a glance how a repayment mortgage compares to an interest only one when looking at your long-term returns.

Register for our free property management software today to start receiving all the benefits of being a Property Hawk.

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