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Landlord Reminder System

That reminds me ….we have now installed a comprehensive ‘landlord Reminder system’ as part of our FREE property management software.

The ‘Reminders system’ allows landlords to set up regular monthly or weekly email Reminders generated out from all their management data, housed in a single email memorandum. We decided to compound all the Reminder elements into single emails to prevent landlords form receiving a barrage of single reminder emails.

The emailed Reminder includes a Rent balance, Task list, insurance renewal dates, mortgage end of terms and tenancy end dates for the period of that Reminder.

To set Reminder frequency landlords should go to the Operations tab, and select the Reminders option.

Gas Safety Certificate Reminders and Repeat Tasks

Landlords can set repeat Reminders for gas safety certificates, electrical checks, regular maintenance tasks or other repeat tasks.

The repeat tasks can be set on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly, annual of 5 yearly repeat or simply as a single task.

To set Tasks landlords should go to the Operations tab, and select Tasks option.

NB: Make sure that you have set up as a welcomed email in your email mail box.

We hope you find it useful and as always please let us have your feedback, good or bad, as well as any further ideas that you think would improve the Reminders or the property management software in general .

The Reminder system is part of Property Manager 2.0, our FREE property management software. The software includes digital rent books, a suite of financial tools that calculate a landlords tax liability and cashflows, free tenancy agreements and other forms, inventory creation software, tasks, reminders and tenancy management software, plus more, but the simplest thing is to try it out and see how you get on.

The property management software follows the traditions of the Internet, and is FREE to use forever. We wholly subscribe to the principles of Larry Page and Sergei Brynn, Google founders. “Don’t be evil.”

The property management software was designed by landlords for landlords.

Watch this space for further developments in the software. The propertyhawk team.

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