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Property Manager – Tips and Help

Our Property Manager software has come on leaps and bounds since we first developed it as free property management software over 5 years ago. Now it’s used by thousands of UK residential landlords and letting agents across the UK to help with the everyday management of their rental portfolios.

The software can do everything from generating essential letting forms to compiling a tax return.

I thought it would be helpful to share the most frequently asked questions about the software from our landlord forum which is another free resource for users to sign up and get help with both the software and any legal questions about letting property.

FAQ’s about using Property Manager 3

1. How do I produce and download a section 21 notice & is it possible to produce both [s.21(1)(b) and s.21(4)(a)]?

2. Preparing a residential property inventory

3. Uploading key rental documents to PM 3.0. It is now possible to upload your own important rental documents to your Property Hawk PM 3.0 account to keep all your information in one place.

4. Can I back up my data from PM 3.0 onto my machine?

5. Can I go mobile with my PM 3.0 data?

6. Setting up supervised accounts. Ideal for letting agents and other landlords that need other people to input the data about their rental property.

7. Can I use PM 3.0 to manage HMO properties?

8. NB note to self. Adding notes about your property portfolio.

9. How do I renew a tenancy using the Property Manager software?

10. Tracking your mortgage payments in Property Hawk. Remember you might have to add them twice.

Questions on the property management software.

If you have a specific question PLEASE sign up to our landlord legal forum and ask the question there. It will be answered.

If you have suggestions on how we could improve the property management software please either ask them in the forum or post a comment below.

Chris Horne

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