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Landlords, now living in a world of falling property prices, lowering property transactions and a contracting buy-to-let mortgage market may be interested to know that not everything is shrinking. Take for instance Property Hawks membership.

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We have just signed up our 30,000th user and therefore I can confidently announce that we are by a long way the largest independent landlord site. You won’t get a badge or some stuffy membership certificate telling you why it’s been worth you shelling out £70 odd quid to join. That’s because we are FREE. Well, if it works for Google we figured it’s good enough for us and our landlord users.

No patronising address from a suited President telling you how hard he is working for landlords. Property Hawk is just produced by landlords, like you and me, to help make managing and investing in UK residential property just that bit easier. Along the way there might even be a little amusement and mirth.

This means that you get our FREE and fast evolving property management software, PM2.

We think our letting software is rather good and we are not the only ones, but feel free to have a go and see if you agree, this includes our FREE tenancy agreement.

Landlords will get our weekly email landlord magazine, keeping landlords up dated with all the news and gossip on what’s happening in the world of property letting and property management.

This is not to mention all the advice contained within the Landlord’s Bible our own comprehensive reference guide to being a landlord and letting property.

Also check out our Buy to let and landlord blog. Did we mention that it currently sits in The Times favourite money Blogs.

With 2000 landlords subscribing to Property Hawk each month it won’t be long before we’ll be celebrating our 50,000th user.

Onwards and upwards

Chris Horne

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