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How to Manage.


Here at Property Hawk we realise that managing property isn’t always straight forward. That is why we have developed our Free property management software to help landlords with the process. What we will do over the next few months is give tips on how it can be used to make managing your rental properties easier.


We know that many of you are making use of our FREE AST form accessed through the Property Management software. What you may not know is that by entering in details of the tenant when creating a tenancy, these details are automatically copied across into your contacts. This means that you have a constantly updating list of all your tenants.

TIP 2 (Tenant details)

When you add a tenancy, you obviously have to add in the name of your tenant. This will subsequently appear in the AST once it is generated. What is useful is at the same time as you add in these critical details that you take a few seconds to add in their telephone number & e-mail address. These bits of information will also be automatically copied into your contacts. This means that when it comes to contacting them next time, all you need to do is sign in to your Property Hawk account and all the data will be there.

TIP 3 (E-mails)

Keep all you data in one place. Most people have more than one e-mail account but even with the use of folders it can be confusing as to where you have stored your messages. Why not keep all your property business e-mails in one place by using your Property Hawk account. By following TIP 2 you will already have your tenants’ details, so simply select them to send a message. This way you will always be able to find your property business details and be able to access them anywhere in the world through an internet connection. Let’s face it; there is nothing worse than having the e-mail you need stuck on another machine when you need it.

This article is the first in a series giving your tips on how the Free property management software can be used to make managing your property business easier.

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