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I’ve been looking at some recent enquiries from landlords who use our Property Management software to keep track of their residential portfolio.

You may well have already received an automated reminder email this week setting out the current position relating to you property portfolio. To change the way this works including the dates you receive them or to stop them altogether; just login to your account. Then go to the ‘Operations tab’ and click on ‘Reminders’.

Property Manager FAQ

One of the most common questions that I get asked by the users of our property management software relates to the renewal of a tenancy.

Several users have emailed me recently asking how they end an existing tenancy and then set up a new tenancy without having two tenancies running concurrently.

The easiest way to establish a new tenancy of a property is to first end the existing tenancy and then set up a new tenancy.

Ending an existing tenancy

To do this you need to click on the ‘Tenancy’ found under the ‘Management tab’.

Landlords will then be presented with a list of your existing tenancies generated by either the Property Manager 2.0 or by signing up fpr a free tenancy agreement.

Click on the blue text link that describes the name and address of the tenancy. This will take you to the Tenancy Overview screen, at the bottom of this screen are a number of text links including the ‘end tenancy’ option. Click this and you will be able to end the tenancy including adding in details such as the end date of the tenancy, final meter readings and move out date of the tenants.

Having ended the tenancy you could create and print off a Closing Statement for your records. This will produce a summary, giving you all the transactions and details connected with the tenancy.

Remember if you are setting up a new tenancy you should always prepare a inventory for the property.

Creating a new tenancy

To create a new tenancy, simply click on the Tenancy tab again and you will be able to add a NEW TENANCY to your existing property and this will get the tenancy up and running.


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Looking to improve

If you do have any ideas or thoughts on how the property management software can be made better do let us know. We know however good we are we can always improve!

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