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Property Hawk Christmas Party

Fancy coming to our Xmas Party….well read on…..
Property Hawk believes in speaking up!
We all know that when you act alone against government or big business you get nowhere!
One voice just gets ignored or drowned out.

Since Property Hawk was set up over 5 years ago we have tried to stick up for the little man; the small residential landlord. Unlike some of the ‘landlord associations’ we don’t charge a membership fee so we don’t have to cavort about pretending we are doing things.

We don’t kid ourselves unlike some of the associations ( mentioning no names ) that we have the ear of the housing minister just because they have the odd meeting in London where the Minister nods their head and makes comforting noises.

Property Hawk – growing fast

We have had over 100,000 landlords subscribe for our services and with over 63,000 visits to the site each month we must be doing something right! Over 25,000 new landlords sign up each year for our free tenancy agreement.

Our campaigns
We have spoken out vociferously against the:
Landlord licence – STOPPED
The requirement of planning permission for HMO properties – REVERSED

The potential banning of the buy-to-let mortgage – ONGOING
Competition for the DPS – ONGOING

Looking at the latest campaign when I questioned the existence of only one custodial deposit scheme back on the 24th of November. I notice that in the latest press release from the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) on the 5th of December
‘trumpets’ a whole range of upgrades to their DPS service (which we welcome).

Coincidence? Well maybe…

But we strongly believe that if we act together we can shout louder and share more help!

Ideas for the future

The Property Hawk three musketeers (imagine the top gear presenters – but far better looking!) are meeting for a belated Property Hawk Xmas Party in London in January. Being tight arsed landlords we figure that Santa hats and Christmas pudding will all be going cheap in the new year!

One of the things on the agenda will be where next for Property Hawk in 2012.

We have successfully launched the upgrade to our free property management software with the new PM 3.0.

Some ideas for discussion at our Xmas Party will be:

1. Further features to the PM3.0 service
2. An upgraded letting agent version of PM3.0
3. A forum – with legal and financial experts

Any suggestions? Please send them to us.

Oh yes the Xmas Party. It’s in London.

Tickets are a £1000 each with the money going to a good cause, that’s right our pension fund! Any takers? Didn’t think so.

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What would most Landlords like for Xmas

Super reliable boilers.

Indestructible carpets.

Tenants with problems on Monday mornings instead of Friday Evenings.

No doubt this list of impossible dreams could go on and on but how about an even playing field for tenants and Landlords ?

If you think about it this is "do"able.

The most obvious way of doing this would be to go back to the system of direct payment of housing benefits. This would not cost, as fewer tenants would be evicted and therefore not need emergency accommodation etc. I have just had the pleasure of a tenant walking off with the last two LHA payments which he will probably use to get an even bigger TV to watch over Xmas.
As a taxpayer I have helped pay for these payments in the first place. Recently one of the ungodly nicked a bottle of whisky from a supermarket, the Police had the helicopter out after him, but if he had perloined £800 of rent money no one would be interested.

The Government seems to be manoeuvring the media to look at the housing crisis of empty homes, and putting the private sector landlord forward as the scapegoat.

I don’t know about you be I find that empty homes are not that profitable and that most of the problem is caused by Government in either over blown schemes that have failed or local governments failure to stop areas going to rack and ruin.

The government states that these problems need massive amounts of cash throwing at them. True but only after they have been allowed to get out of control.
The government needs a frame work in place that prevents areas being allowed to rot away with planning or Policing blight.

I know a couple of people who have empty properties that they can’t sell but are scared to rent out because of the fear of bad tenants and the difficulty of getting them out if they are wrong un’s.

For voluntary work I have to have a CRB check to give my time for free, this is not regarded as an invasion of my civil liberties, but a waster who keeps ripping off the benefits system and landlords can cover his tracks with the cloak of defending his human rights. If the Government tweaked the system so that it was easier to identify these people more property would become available for the vulnerable who really need it. The Government could make a big impact for a very small outlay.

God those pigs are flying low tonight.

Regards Dave

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