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Property Management Software Q & A

Property Manager 3.0 Q & A

Our FREE property management software continues to evolve. You know what they say. “Evolve or die”…a concept familiar to many landlords trying to maintain and build their rental business.

Since launching our property management software back in 2006 we’ve had an increasing number of enquiries about how to use it and suggestions about how we can improve it and add extra features. What many Property Hawk users may not know is that even if you have just signed up for one of the FREE landlord forms you automatically get access to a high level property management software hosted on the cloud and accessible anywhere you have internet access.

Our new Landlord Forum contains a section where users of Property Manager 3.0 can post their property management software questions and suggestions. To join, just sign up to the Forum. I have been looking at some of the most common questions we have received since the launch of Property Manager 3.0 at the beginning of the year and have prepared some Q & A about how to use our Property Management Software.

Q & A
1. How many property details can I upload?

There is NO limit on the size of the property portfolio you can upload to PM 3.0 and the use of the software is FREE to use no matter how big or small your residential investment portfolio is.

2. Where do I get my rental forms?

If you go to the Summary screen landlords have the option of downloading a standard form or creating a new customised form with all the data about the tenancy and landlord already uploaded into the form. To download a standard form, just click the link Standard Form. To create a Tenancy Agreement then click on the (+)icon and you can select the form amongst others from the pop up menu.

3. How do I download a section 21 notice?

It’s pretty straightforward, read this forum post on how to download a section 21 notice within the Property Manager . Just make sure you get the right one. Have a look here for more information on how to use a section 21 notice to get possession.

4. Adding in rents

Once you have added a property and created a tenancy the Property Manager will automatically start to add in rent requests into your digital rent book. Have a look at this recent post if you are having problems with using your digital rent book.

5. Can’t see your data?

Occasionally we have landlords coming to us because they think they have lost all their data. Don’t panic your data on your property portfolio is constantly backed up off site meaning it remains secure at all times. Have a look at this recent blog post about the problem that may result from the fact that we allow users to register multiple accounts with the same email address.

6. Adding in your mortgage payments

The Property Manager allows you to record you mortgages payments both for tax purposes and to enable you to calculate your free cashflow.

7. Is PM 3.0 suitable for letting agents?

PM 3.0 has been designed primarily for use by individual landlords. However, it is possible for it to be used by letting agents managing a number of different landlord portfolios. Have a look here about how supervised accounts work.

8. Editing rents

To edit your rents through the PM 3.O click on the Rent button in the Summary screen.
To see a summary of the rents for a particular tenancy click on edit and then select the Summary.

9. How do I download guarantor forms?

To download a guarantor form just follow the instructions in this recent post in the Landlord Forum. Don’t forget with a guarantor form you will need to execute it as a Deed!

10. Renewing a tenancy

PM 3.0 now has a renew tenancy feature. This means that if you are one of those landlords that wants to avoid a statutory periodic tenancy and keep your tenant on a fixed term tenancy all you need to do is go to the relevant tenancy in the Tenancies section and select the Renew Tenancy button on the left hand side. The fixed term tenancy will automatically follow on with all the details from the previous tenancy.

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