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Property Manager Upgrades

It’s a new year and ‘the Stig’ has been busily coding away on the latest upgrades to our Free landlord software the Property Manager 2.0.

Firstly, finishing the improvements to the tax system, that we hope helped landlords get on top of their tax return. From these developments we noticed that a steady stream of landlords were making use of the new e-mail facility that enables them to email their tax details to their accountant.

Which made us think………..?

New email facility

We felt that it would be helpful if landlords could also have this facility for other elements of the software.

So we have now developed the software so that documents can be emailed in a neat PDF format to tenants through the Property Manager 2.0.

These documents include the FREE Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, Section 21 Notice, Section 8 Notice as well as the prescribed information required to be given to the tenant as part of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

Why not get your tenant to print the tenancy agreement off and sign it prior to the final handover of the property. If you are a letting agent you can email the documents to both landlords and tenants.

We hope this will be helpful to more and more landlords as we all move increasingly towards the Internet and Web based systems to manage our property portfolios and support tenants who also rely on the transfer of information and documents through the web.

Tenancy Report

Landlords who want to keep their tenants up to date with their tenancy or just record for their own benefit a regular update, can now generate their own Tenancy Report.

The Tenancy Report is produced as a PDF in the Property Manager through the Tenancy tab by clicking on the link relating to that particular tenancy.

Future developments of the Property Manager & Property Hawk

Property Hawk is constantly looking at the potential to develop Property Manager 2.0. One of the areas of development currently under examination is providing a tax service by utilising the tax aspect of the software. Our aim would be to save landlords time and money by utilising a service to calculate their end of year tax liabilities.

We are also looking at ways that landlords can obtain specific legal advice through the website on a range of landlord and tenant legal matters from how to complete a Section 21 Notice and obtain accelerated possession to taking the tenant to court and issuing a warrant for possession.

Reminder system

That reminds me. One of the features of the Property Manager is the reminder system which allows a landlord to enter a whole series of tasks and events to ensure that they never forget to carry out their gas safety check or renew their landlord insurance.

To update your reminder system just go to the Operation Tab and then Reminders. To add in events or tasks simply go to the Tasks Tab and add the details there.

Have we missed something?

Are there other improvements or additions you want to see on the site?

Please let us know of your thought and ideas here.

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