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Ten Best Freebies for Landlords

Here are the 10 best ‘FREEbies’ for landlords ….

Landlords know it. It’s tough times for all of us.

So why pay for thing you don’t need to….?

Property Hawk has put together a list of our 10 favourite ‘FREEbies’ for landlords.

If you know of any others let us know by posting your comments.

Landlord insurance – FREE advice – professional rates – instant quotes

1. Free tenancy deposit scheme

Landlords who are thinking of paying to protect their tenants deposit no longer need to. Get the tenant to pay by using the insurance based scheme. To find our more.

2. Free rental advertising site using Gumtree

Landlords who are fed up with paying large fees for letting agents to advertise their rental properties can do it all for FREE using Gumtree the free listing site. Gumtree is not alone, there are other free property listing sites but we think Gumtree is best.

3. Free legal protection for landlords

Are you a portfolio landlord with over a £1 million of property. If so did you know that you can get FREE tenant insurance and legal advise by insuring your property through Alan Boswell. For more advice and information call the Alan Boswell Insurance landlord helpline on 0845 6180298 and give the reference ‘Property Hawk’. Read more details on the Free landlord tenant insurance and legal advise.

4. Free buy-to-let mortgage advice

Most mortgage brokers will charge you for their services. This can amount to a couple of hundred pounds or more just for one mortgage. Property Hawk has teamed up with TBMC to offer landlords FREE mortgage advice for zip, nothing, nought. For FREE advice call 029 2069 5446 or check out the Property Hawk free mortgage search tool.

5. Free landlord software

Property Hawk has been offering FREE property management software to the landlord community for several years. Not only does our landlord software cost nothing but it keeps getting better. Unlike the software companies that offer letting software we don’t charge for our continuous upgrades. So get the best letting software in the world for FREE.

6. Free tenancy agreement and forms

As part of the letting software landlords can access a range of legal forms such as tenancy agreements and our unique drag and drop property inventory all absolutely FREE.

7. Free legal advice on eviction

Landlords seeking to serve Notice on their tenants to leave can obtain FREE initial advice on what to do thanks to Landlord Action. Paul Shamplina founder of Landlord Action, encourages landlords to use their FREE advice line to find out what to do when they want to get their tenants out.

8. Free Landlords Bible

Why pay for an expensive guide on letting property when you can get a FREE online guide to all you ever need to know about renting out property in the Landlords Bible. Simple straight forward advice about being a buy-to-let landlord for FREE all contained within the Landlords Bible.

9. Free tenant referencing buy one get one FREE

Every landlord that lets an investment property needs to reference their tenant. Landlords can now reference them for as little as £9.99. Even better is that using Letting Ref
you buy the first one but get the second one absolutely FREE.

10. Free Credit Score

Landlords like anybody relying on credit will need to be aware of their credit worthiness. To do this they should check their credit score by using Checkmyfile FREE service to see just how they rate.

Finally whilst landlords are enjoying all these FREE sites and resources why not listen to some FREE music courtesy of Spotify.

We think that being a landlord is all about FREEdom. So enjoy!

If you have any FREE sites you can recommend let us know.

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