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Free Section 8 Notice

How do landlords get a FREE section 8 Notice?

Landlords who are registered users of Property Hawk can download a Section 8 Notice for FREE.

The free Section 8 Notice is available within Property Hawk’s free landlord software – Property Manager.

The Property Manager software will automatically fill in the Section 8 Notice form with all the relevant tenancy details.  You can then view it as a PDF, download it, email or print it off.  The section 8 notice remains stored on the landlord’s account to be viewed or re-printed.

When it comes to re-letting to a subsequent tenant, a landlord just needs to create a new tenancy, a process that takes a couple of seconds.  A new Section 8 Notice form can then be generated and a landlord is then able to print the notice off.

Once a landlord has added their basic tenancy details by signing up, these are stored by the Property Manager.  They can be used to prepopulate a whole range of other forms needed by a landlord to manage their lettings business.

Using Property Manager to create your Section 8 Notice

Creating a section 8 Notice should take no longer than 3 minutes.  We have timed it!

Having done it once it will take you even less time next time round.

The other good thing about using the Property Manager is that because it is Internet based you can use it at work………when the boss isn’t looking!  A great time saving manoeuvre!

REMEMBER a landlord will require a minimum of 3 copies of the section 8 Notice for use during the formal application for possession.

Why use a section 8 notice?

The main purpose of a section 8 notice is when a landlord applies for fault based possession of their rental property.  The primary legislation regarding the section 8 notice is set out in the Housing Act 1988 and relates to the notice of possession proceedings by a landlord.  A landlord may actually be better off electing to use a Section 21 Notice rather than a Section 8 notice and we look at the merits of both in the section 21 notice versus section 8 notices which is best.

The most likely time a landlord will need to use a section 8 notice is if the tenant falls into rental arrears and a landlord needs to repossess their property.

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