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Ex-local authority housing

Ex-local authority housing can sometimes make an excellent residential investment. These are residential properties built originally by a Local Authority and then sold off at a later date to the tenant under the Right To Buy Scheme.

There are many types of ex -local authority housing.

Most commonly they are suburban semi-detached houses built just after the war.

In London and other metropolitan areas, higher density development means that ex-local authority property is often found as flats or apartments contained in large high rise residential blocks. These types of property are often valued at a discount compared to privately built residential properties located in the same area because they are perceived as less desireable.

What makes ex-local authority housing attractive to residential investors is that these properties were from the late 1960’s onwards built to the Parker Morris standards. This meant that rooms sizes always had to meet a certain minimum, often making them spacious by today’s standards.

See below for a comprehensive list of buy-to-let mortage providers that we know will lend on ex-local authority properties. There are also additional lenders out there who will look at advancing money on these properties on a case by case basis. This fact makes it difficult for a landlord to track down these lenders and their BTL products.

We know that Cheltenham & Gloucester and BM Solutions are amongst the biggest lenders. Landlords should note that many buy-to-let lenders will not lend directly to them, making access to a specialist broker essential to ensure that the best range of products is reviewed. For more information on which buy-to-let mortgage providers will lend direct to a landlord have a look at the providers section.

Speak to our BTL brokers with a background of experience dealing with unique and difficult funding issues, such as Mortgages for Business or The Money Centre.

Bank of Scotland Mortgages
Bath BS
BM Solutions
Bradford & Bingley
Buckinghamshire BS
Cheltenham & Gloucester
Clydesdale Bank
Darlington BS
Dudley BS
Dunfermiline BS
Earl Shilton BS
Ecology BS
First Trust Bank (NI)
Holmesdale BS
Ipswich BS
Kent Reliance BS
Lloyds TSB Scotland
Mansfield BS
Mortgage Express
Natwest Mortgage Services
Northern Rock
Nottingham BS
RBS IP Natwest
Royal Bank of Scotland Mortgages Direct
Scarborough Specialist Mortgages
Scottish BS
Shepshed BS
Skipton BS
Skipton BS (Commercial)
Standard Life Bank
Teachers BS
Ulster Bank (NI)
Yorkshire Bank

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