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Flats above shops

A niche residential investment for landlords is a flat or apartment located above a shop. What makes flats above shops attractive to a residential investor is that certain types of tenants don’t want garden space but do want access to shops and services say within a town centre.

There are some buy-to-let lenders that will lend on these types of buy-to-let investments. A majority of lenders that are prepared to lend on these residential investments will make their assessments on the basis of each individual buy-to-let investment proposition. This is because whether a buy-to-let lender will advance funds or not will depend on the type of use that exists below the flat or apartment. Buy-to-let lenders are not generally keen on uses that produce fumes or smells such as dry cleaners or laundrettes.

Lenders that have indicated that they are prepared to lend to landlords seeking buy-to-let finance to purchase flats above shops are listed below. Landlords should be aware that not all the lenders listed will lend directly to a landlord and many can only be assessed by going through a mortgage broker.

Speak to our BTL brokers with a background of experience dealing with unique and difficult funding issues, such as Mortgages for Business or The Money Centre.

Bank of Cyprus UK
Bath BS
Bristol & West Mortgages
Buckinghamshire BS
Cheltenham & Gloucester
Chorley & District BS
Clydesdale Bank
Earl Shilton BS
Ecology BS
Giraffe Money
Ipswich BS
Lloyds TSB Scotland
Loughborough BS
Norwich & Peterborough BS
Post Office
Scottish BS
Shepshed BS
Skipton BS
Skipton BS (Commercial)
Stafford Railway BS
Ulster Bank (NI)
Yorkshire Bank

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