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Help for PM3s

Frequently asked questions –

A guide to PM3s navigation, eg, What is the horizontal button bar, the left hand menu etc

How do I end a Tenancy? Select the tenancy you wish to end, then click the ‘More’ function from the horizontal button bar on the ‘Tenancy details’ screen – The ‘End tenancy’ appears in a drop down list.

How do I delete a Tenancy? Select the tenancy you wish to end, then click ‘More’ from the top button menu of the ‘Tenancy details’ screen – ‘Delete’ appears in this drop down list – more help with this

How do I create a Tenancy report? Select the tenancy and then click the blue text link ‘Tenancy report’ in the Reports and Statements box. A report will generate and download onto your computer.

How do I create different landlord forms, such as Section 21 and Section 8 notices? Click ‘Forms’ in the left hand menu, then click ‘Add forms’. A box will appear that will enable you to select the property address, tenancy, and the form type using drop down menus. Once a form has been created it will be saved in your ‘My forms’ list, where using the small blue icons adjacent to each specific form, they can be emailed to others or downloaded onto your computer/device.

How do I edit the details on a form? Select the tenancy, using ‘Pick tenancy’ in the left hand menu. Click ‘Edit tenancy’ form the horizontal button bar, then Edit the details in the window that pops up, remembering to press the ‘OK’ button. NOTE: Any new version of the form will need to be generated before the changes are shown, to do this read – ‘How do I create different landlord forms, such as Section 21 and Section 8 notices?’ above.

How do I login to the older versions of the software – PM3 or PM2? The login page for PM3s also has text links to the login pages for PM3 and PM2, just click on these. Note: use the same login details to login to all versions ( Do not re-register)

How do I change my email or postal address? Click ‘Settings’ in the left hand menu – click ‘Name and address’ ( note any forms that have already been generated will not show this new address )

How do I change my password? Click ‘Settings’ in the left hand menu – click ‘Password’

I am missing some or all of my properties, so where are they? – Firstly, don’t panic. We’ve never lost anyones data. This situation almost always relates to confusion over multiple accounts. Check that you have logged into the correct account. If you are still finding it difficult to find your correct login details please email us and we will help you access your correct account.

How do I create repeat expenses? Click ‘Expenses’ in the left hand menu, from the drop down click ‘Multiple Expense’ – Add the expense details into the list, then click ‘Repeat’ from the horizontal button bar and select the start date and repeat period – more help with this

How do I close my account? Send an email to contact@propertyhawk with the title heading “Please close my account’. Note account closes need to be emailed using the email account that a user registered with, otherwise some additional security checks may be required.

More help

Basic navigation of PM3s – the software has three areas of navigation, a left hand ‘Function menu’ that include clickable counters, a ‘Title bar’ that includes address and tenancy name, and a ‘Button bar’ that runs horizontally at the top of the data screem – more explanation of this


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