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Prefabricated construction

Prefabricated construction properties or PRCs were frequently built by local authorities as affordable mass housing after the war.

Many of these properties have now been repaired. The areas that the properties are found in mean that they are relatively cheap for the extent of the accommodation they provide. They often make good family accommodation.

Concrete or prefabricated construction properties can often appear on a buy-to-let lenders list of defective properties which means that the lender is not prepared to lend against them.

There are literally a handful of buy-to-let lenders that are prepared to advance buy-to-let loans on these types of residential properties. A list of these is given below. There are also additional buy-to-let lenders who will look at advancing money on a case by case basis making it difficult for a landlord to track down these BTL products.

Landlords should note that many buy-to-let lenders will not lend directly to them.

For more information on which buy-to-let mortgage providers will lend direct to a landlord have a look at the providers section.

Speak to our BTL brokers with a background of experience dealing with unique and difficult funding issues, such as Mortgages for Business or The Money Centre.

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